Monday, December 13, 2010

Intercultural Holiday Festival!

JRCoE First Annual Intercultural Holiday Festival

All College of Education students, faculty, staff, and family were invited to attend the First Annual Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education Intercultural Holiday Festival.

The Intercultural Holiday Festival OESA-Norman co-sponsored was on December 3rd. Festivities began  at 5:00PM with a welcome from Dean Joan K. Smith followed by dinner, desserts, holiday crafts and an exciting Taiko Drumming performance. 

The diversity committee created informational posters that represent holidays like Hanukkah, Al Hijra, Bodhi Day, Las Posadas, Winter Solstice, Soyaluna Ceremony, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year and more!

OESA- Norman provided an array of desserts representative of other cultures and traditional favorites as well as a craft table with a holiday card station and American Indian cornhusk doll station. 

OESA- Norman members & family enjoying the event!

Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education Faculty & students

OESA- Norman craft table!!

Exciting Taiko Drumming performance by OU students!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Candidates for State Superintendent Panel Pics!

Candidates for Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Panel Participants
From left: Independent Candidate Richard Cooper, Panelist Bill Neyman, Republican Candidate Janet Barresi, Panelist Malea Welch, Panelist Sandy Bahan, Democratic Candidate Susan Paddack, Panelist Don Gilstrap, Moderator Grayson Noley

From left: OESA- Norman Program Chair Melissa Brevetti greeting panel attendee

From left: Republican Candidate Janet Baressi, Independent Candidate Richard Cooper, 
Democratic Candidate Susan Paddack, OESA- Norman President Julia Kathryne Daine

From left: Republican Candidate Janet Baressi, Independent Candidate Richard Cooper, 
Democratic Candidate Susan Paddack, OESA- Norman President Julia Kathryne Daine, Education Panelist Don Gilstrap, Education Panelist Bill Neyman, Education Panelist Malea Welch, Education Panelist Sandy Bahan

From left: Republican Candidate Janet Baressi, Independent Candidate Richard Cooper, 
Democratic Candidate Susan Paddack, Moderator Grayson Noley, Education Panelist Don Gilstrap, Education Panelist Bill Neyman, Education Panelist Malea Welch, Education Panelist Sandy Bahan

OESA- Norman Reception following panel discussion
From left: Democratic Candidate Susan Paddack & Education Panelist Malea Welch

OESA- Norman Reception following panel discussion
OESA- Norman members & attendees

OESA- Norman Reception following panel discussion
From left: Panel discussion attendee in discussion with Republican Candidate Janet Barresi

OESA- Norman Reception following panel discussion
Panel discussion attendees in discussion with Republican Candidate Janet Barresi

OESA- Norman Reception following panel discussion
Panel discussion attendees in discussion with Independent Candidate Richard Cooper

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Call for Papers!

The Norman Chapter of the Oklahoma Educational Studies Association Conference
Saturday, March 5, 2011
University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Memorial Union

Susan Birden, Keynote Speaker
Associate Professor in Educational Foundations
SUNY- Buffalo State College



Please ground your paper in philosophical, historical, and social foundations and issues concerning education. Proposals should be 200-300 word abstracts or summaries of the presentation.

Please include the following in your proposal: Presenter name, email address, title of paper, and abstract/summary. Email proposal to Type “CONFERENCE” in the subject line.

For more information on the proceedings journal, registration and more visit the “conference” page on the website.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Theory Makes Practice: The Lived Experiments of A Student/Administrator

Theory Makes Practice: The Lived Experiments of A Student/Administrator

By contributing blogger “Ms. Buzzkill” 

("Ms. Buzzkill" is a rather cute nickname I’ve been given when telling people their jokes are sexist/racist/homophobic)

Hello everyone! It’s been a whirlwind since classes began but I love my first semester in the Educational Studies program at OU. When I’m not collaborating with my colleagues or burying my nose in a book at Bizzell, I work full-time at the Women’s Outreach Center, which is part of Student Life at OU. I do support and administrative work and I also help maintain our sexual violence awareness programs and work with our peer educators to develop and teach a bystander intervention program that we offer to undergraduate students. My work there has informed my theoretical work on a practical level, and what’s really important is seeing students change and integrate new, prosocial behaviors after the discussions and questions we raise at our events.

Supporting others and changing my local reality are why I do this work; I see this happen on a daily basis when students walk in needing support in dealing with sexual assault, breast cancer, stalking, pregnancy, or just need information to fill in the blanks for their own physical or emotional health.
I’m excited to debut a presentation that I created for our center today with my colleagues in the program. I believe that complicated, theoretical explanations of the lived experiences of undergraduates can be accessible for the average student, but thought-provoking for the post-doc. I’m looking forward to revisions and discussions based on issues that are important to me as an administrator, a student, and as a citizen of this Earth.

You can find more at our website,

Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for more from me throughout the semester. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who wants a rational conversation about education anyway?

Who wants a rational conversation about education anyway?

By contributing blogger—The Cranky Welshman

To carry on rationally about a matter of substance, one must sometimes contest the meaning of a term or two.  If I were to say that providence has decreed the right of every person to liberty, then you would be wise to ask whether I think “person” extends to individuals of both sexes, all races, classes, sexual orientations and religions.  Given the reference to providence, you would be especially wise to ask whether I felt that non-religious individuals, fetuses, and those residing outside the great state of Rhode Island were persons.  If in response I gave a clearer account of “person”—one that would satisfy your curiosity even if it fails to compel agreement—then it would still be left to sort through the meaning of “liberty.”  After that would come the truly difficult work of lining up (coherently) my definition of person to my definition of liberty. 

All of this is preface to an observation.  The media chatter about education is strikingly unlike a rational conversation.  When politicians and pundits alike sound off on the many supposed disasters of public education, they do so by making the same claim: schools are not “achieving success.”  They all (I exaggerate—say rather 99.9 percent of them) mean that students are not getting high enough scores on criterion-referenced exams.  Never mind that the process by which test makers determine criteria is painfully and stupidly arbitrary, that those criterion-referenced exam scores are used normatively, or that standardized testing renders public education the venal, banal, despicable thing that causes people to cringe when they think about their school days.  Never mind all of that, because to even mention such things is to call into question what those politicians and pundits mean by words like “achievement” and “success.”  To call into question the meanings of words is, undeniably, to enter into a rational discussion. 

Who wants that?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Officer Bios 2010-2011

Julia Kathryne Daine, President

Greetings! My name is Julia and I am a doctoral candidate in Educational Studies. I received my BA in English from Pepperdine University and my MA in Museum Studies from the University of Oklahoma. My research interests include but are not limited to new media and education, online education, women in higher education, and experiential learning. When not studying or working, I enjoy sailing, foreign films, and traveling. 

Goldie Thompson, President- Elect

The 2010-2011 academic year is beginning and opening the door to new and exciting opportunities in education!  I am thrilled to be appointed this year’s President Elect of the University of Oklahoma Educational Studies Association (OESA), and I invite you to be a part of this wonderful organization as well.

Please allow me this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am Goldie Thompson; this is my third year in the EDS Doctoral program.  I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African American Studies in 1998 and my Master of Human Relations degree in 2000.  While matriculating as a graduate student in Human Relations, I worked for the OU Admissions office.  Soon after graduation, I left to explore a career in corporate America.  After working in this capacity for three and a half years, I returned to academe and assumed my current position as the Minority Teacher Recruitment Coordinator for the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

My research interest focuses on the ethic of care (as opposed to the ethic of duty).  Inspired by the writings of Jane R. Martin, Nel Noddings and Carol Gilligan, I find it quite engaging to explore questions such as: What constitutes care? How can we teach a care ethic to help improve the education of our K-12 students? By what moral foundation should we support the care ethic?  I find that in most situations the formal curriculum does little to support this notion of caring which often results in the marginalization, stratification and academic failure of certain student groups.      

Needless to say, my schedule is pretty busy as I am a mother of three.  I have been married 15 years and I enjoy the balance between education, work and family life.  In my spare time (which is quite lacking these days) I enjoy travelling, reading, cooking and spending quality time with my family.

I enjoy the EDS program and am blessed to have such a wonderful group of peers, colleagues and friends to support me through this Ph.D. process.  I welcome my fellow OESA members back to engage in another fulfilling year of fellowship and academic growth.  For those of you who are not yet members of OESA, I encourage you to consider this organization as a fundamental entity in helping you to achieve your academic goals.

I look forward to working with all of you in 2010-2011!

Goldie Thompson, B.A., M.H.R
OESA, President Elect

Joy Thomas, Secretary

Joy Thomas is a doctoral student in the Educational Studies program who holds a BA in Mass Communications from Northeastern State University and a Master’s in Human Relations from OU. Her doctoral work focuses on bringing restorative practices, and concepts from the restorative justice movement to bear on marginalized populations as it relates to morality, social issues, and forgiveness in order to produce enhanced cultural understanding. Her other interest include intensive research studies, American pragmatism and social justice. She is the mother of three daughters, two are currently in college and one is in high school. An avid sports fan, Joy enjoys attending professional football and basketball games.

Kendra Davis, Treasurer

Kendra Davis is currently a full-time student pursuing her doctoral degree in EDS. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2007 with a bachelor’s in fine arts, majoring in studio arts with emphasis on painting and sculptural ceramics. A year later, Davis obtained her master’s degree in arts education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During her own pursuits of acquiring knowledge, she has been an educator in a variety of volunteer and professional roles, such as a dance teacher and choreographer, a high school mascot instructor, a tutor for a music-integrated after school program, and a substitute teacher for Fort Smith Public schools. Her current EDS interests include the philosophy of education, arts education, arts integration, and art history (particularly that of women and indigenous cultures), women and gender studies, and Native American studies. Davis enjoys spending time with family and friends, learning about her Choctaw Indian culture, bowling, karaoke, traveling, tap dancing, playing Rock Band, and of course, the arts… just to name a few things.

Melissa Brevetti, Program Chair

I am a doctoral student in Educational Studies.  I've taught 5th grade for about 6 years after receiving my Bachelor's in Elementary Education.  My Master's is in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum.  My research interests focus on moral education and religious identities.  In my "free" time, I love playing soccer, kickball, sand volleyball, the piano, and running marathons.

James Yang, Academic Chair
(Artwork by James Yang)

James Yang is a Ph.D student in the Educational Studies Program who holds a Master degree of political science from OU. His research interest mainly focuses on a comparative analysis between educational systems and philosophies of the West and the East Asia. At the same time, James used to be a part-time cartoonist. Today he still keeps on drawing lots of funny pictures to relax himself and people he knows. Since new semester, James is looking for a chance to make a contribution to OESA and learn something new from his academic lives.

Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, Publications Chair

Johnnie-Margaret McConnell currently serves as the Associate Director of Residence Life at the University of Oklahoma.  She holds adjunct and lecture appointments in the College of Education and University College at the University of Oklahoma. Johnnie-Margaret is also a freelance fine arts reporter/theatre reviewer and owner of McConnell Music Studio, specializing in clarinet instruction. 

Johnnie-Margaret serves as the Editorial Manager for the ejournal Educating Women.  Her academic interests include media’s coverage of public education, arts education and  feminism among undergraduate women. 

Johnnie-Margaret is active in the Norman community, serving currently as the Vice-Chair of the local non-profit CASP, Community After School Program.  Her personal interests include reading, college women’s basketball and attending Zumba classes.  She is married to Cody Ponder, planning and grants specialist for University of Oklahoma’s CART system, Cleveland Area Rapid Transit, which is the public transportation system for the city of Norman.  They have one four-legged Maltese daughter, Greta Mae McConnell-Ponder.

Jennifer Cox, Historian

Jennifer Cox is a first year Masters student in the Educational Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma with a focus on sexuality and consent education among peers. She graduate from the University of Oklahoma in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies and plans to pursue doctoral studies after completion of her Masters. Jennifer works at the Women’s Outreach Center at OU where she helps manage the office, coordinate programming for sexual assault prevention initiatives, and keep everyone happy. Jennifer is also a volunteer for the Women’s Resource Center and has been an advocate for women in rape crisis for the last two years. She hopes one day to design and investigate new sexuality and consent curricula for non-profit or community organizations.

Todd Loftin, Chief Technical Director

I received my undergraduate degree in philosophy from OU and then went into the master's program for Educational Studies. Having completed my master's, I am now in the doctoral program for Educational Studies. My interests in EDS include the philosophy and politics of education. The focus of my work in these areas is the relationship between democracy and public schooling. I am also interested in school reform, especially during the last half of the 20th century.  I also teach special education (history) and FUSE leadership at Moore High School. This is my fourth year of teaching. Outside of education, my interests include reading Asimov books, playing guitar in a local band, sailing, watching stand-up comedy, spending time with my wife and family, and wishing I could figure out how to use my telescope.

Catherine Kinyon, Technical Director

Hello, I am Catherine Kinyon. I am a mother of six children, 5 boys and one girl.  The oldest is nearly 27 and the youngest is 11. I have been an instructor at a community college from 1986. I earned a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in painting and printmaking, a MA in curriculum and instruction from Xavier University of New Orleans, a MFA in painting and printmaking from the University of North Dakota, and I am currently working on my PhD in Educational Studies. I held a tenured position at Murray State College as art and humanities instructor for13 ½ years before becoming Director of Curriculum and Assessment at Oklahoma City Community College.  I enjoy all forms of art, travel, reading and cooking.

Brent Sykes, Orientation Officer

After working in clinical research for a decade I elected to return to higher education to get my masters and doctoral degree. Luckily, I found a scholarly program in which I am able to pursue my interests in the philosophy of adult learning, program development, and Native American education. I have also been fortunate to find work relevant to my academic pursuits. I work as program developer and coordinator of a tribal learning community at OU and adjunct at Oklahoma City Community College. I enjoy tennis, yoga, reading, spending time with my wife and daughter, and fantasy football ;-)