Friday, October 15, 2010

Theory Makes Practice: The Lived Experiments of A Student/Administrator

Theory Makes Practice: The Lived Experiments of A Student/Administrator

By contributing blogger “Ms. Buzzkill” 

("Ms. Buzzkill" is a rather cute nickname I’ve been given when telling people their jokes are sexist/racist/homophobic)

Hello everyone! It’s been a whirlwind since classes began but I love my first semester in the Educational Studies program at OU. When I’m not collaborating with my colleagues or burying my nose in a book at Bizzell, I work full-time at the Women’s Outreach Center, which is part of Student Life at OU. I do support and administrative work and I also help maintain our sexual violence awareness programs and work with our peer educators to develop and teach a bystander intervention program that we offer to undergraduate students. My work there has informed my theoretical work on a practical level, and what’s really important is seeing students change and integrate new, prosocial behaviors after the discussions and questions we raise at our events.

Supporting others and changing my local reality are why I do this work; I see this happen on a daily basis when students walk in needing support in dealing with sexual assault, breast cancer, stalking, pregnancy, or just need information to fill in the blanks for their own physical or emotional health.
I’m excited to debut a presentation that I created for our center today with my colleagues in the program. I believe that complicated, theoretical explanations of the lived experiences of undergraduates can be accessible for the average student, but thought-provoking for the post-doc. I’m looking forward to revisions and discussions based on issues that are important to me as an administrator, a student, and as a citizen of this Earth.

You can find more at our website,

Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for more from me throughout the semester. 

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